Summer School & Driver's Education Information (bottom of page)

Summer School Information

High School Summer Course Options

● Students are eligible to attend summer school at their zoned high school or take courses through Seminole County Virtual School (SCVS).

● Students who attend a school on an approved SCPS transfer option may attend Summer School at their zoned school.

● Students who intend to take Driver Education may apply for any school that is hosting the Driver Education Summer Program. Sites may be found in the information below.

● Daily student attendance is expected to receive credits in all summer school courses.  The principal has the authority to withdraw a student from summer school due to non or poor attendance.

● Discipline problems will not be tolerated during summer school. Students with discipline problems will be subject to possible dismissal from summer school. Students are expected to adhere to the Seminole County Student Conduct and Discipline Code rules and regulations during summer school.

Summer Opportunities

  • Summer School 2022

o Credit Recovery Only – Available to students who previously earned a semester grade of a “D” or an “F” in a course.

o Summer School Sites – All high school sites except Crooms Academy

o May 31, 2022-June 23, 2022 (Monday-Thursday) - 7:20am-1:05pm

o Click HEREto register.

o Deadline to register: April 15, 2022

  • Driver Education – Summer 2022

o Limited Availability - Students who apply will be selected through a lottery.

    • Driver Education Sites - Lake Brantley HS, Oviedo HS, Seminole HS, Winter Springs HS
    • Driver Education Dates & Times
      • Session 1 – 5/31/22-6/9/22(Monday-Thursday) - 7:20 am-3:30 pm
      • Session 2 – 6/13/22-6/23/22(Monday-Thursday) - 7:20 am-2:20 pm

o Click HERE to register.

o Deadline to register – April 15, 2022

  • Seminole County Virtual School – Summer 2022

o New Courses and Credit Recovery

o Click HERE to register.


Summer school at the designated sites is designed for remediation only (except Driver Ed and Seminole Virtual School), for the purpose of retaking courses in which the student earned a semester grade of D or F.  Courses will be offered via PLATO online learning in a computer lab and virtual school (Seminole County Virtual School (SCVS) registration required).  Virtual courses will be offered for both remediation and acceleration through SCVS. 

  • Summer School 2022 - Click HERE to register.

o Deadline to register: April 15, 2022

  • Drivers Education – Summer 2022 - Click HERE to register.

o Deadline to register – April 15, 2022

  • Seminole County Virtual School – Summer 2022 -ClickHERE to register.

Late registration will be held at each summer school site on May 31, 2022.  During late registration students will be placed in classes on a space available basis.  Students registering after the first day will need administrator approval.

Drivers Education Information

Plato & Driver's Education Flyer

Drivers Education:

• Offered at four locations: LBHS, OHS, SHS and WSHS.

• Transportation is not provided

Session #1:

5/31/22 – 6/9/22 from 7:20 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Thursday

Session #2:

6/13/22 – 6/23/22 from 7:20 am to 2:20 pm Monday through Thursday


Please use below to apply ( Applications are due 4/15/2022 (*If there are more applications than allotted seats, students will be assigned through a lottery and contacted via email)

Drivers Education FAQs:

  1. Can my child miss any days from Drivers Education?
    a. No. Attendance at every class session is mandatory in order to earn a certificate.
  2. Does my child need a permit to take Drivers Education?
    a. Yes. All students MUST have their permit with them on the first day.
  3. What other opportunities are there if my child does not get into Drivers Education this summer?
    a. Drivers Education is offered during the school year at a few locations. Contact your child’s counselor right after the start of the next school year for more information.
  4. I read that my child can take Drivers Education as Pass/Fail. What does that mean?
    a. The Pass/Fail option means that the student earns the credit with a ‘Pass’ but it does NOT impact their GPA. The Pass/Fail option has to be chosen prior to the start of the class and must be indicated on the application.